Selling Your Aqualane Shores Real Estate Like A Professional

If you consider yourself a socialite and a good negotiator, then you’ve probably thought about selling your Aqualane Shores real estate without the help of a professional. And there is absolutely nothing wrong with this decision. There are many reasons to keep challenging yourself, and moving a property for a reasonable price will definitely fall into this category.

But if this is your first time, it could feel a little overwhelming. Because where exactly do you start selling Aqualane Shores real estate? Do you take a few pictures and put them online? Well, it would be a good tactic, but it’s probably not the best place to start. And if you keep reading this article, you’ll have a better idea of how the professionals do it.

1. Do A Detailed Assessment

Even if you are in somewhat of a hurry to get the property sold, you are going to have a hard time convincing buyers when there are too many issues in the way. For example, water-damaged ceilings do not present, or walls with chipping paint. Given that these are relatively small problems, they can be off-putting and have buyers running for the hills. In other words, they are going to judge what they can’t see inside the roof by what they can see clearly on the outside.

Take your phone or a piece of paper and start writing up a list. What problems can be found on the property and what will it cost to fix them. More specifically, what can you afford to repair?

Of course, you don’t want to break the bank fixing a house you are going to sell. But small and affordable repairs, like a new coat of paint and ceilings, can make a big difference.

2. Consider Remodelling Or Renovations

This option should only be for those who have the finances to take a potential risk. Yes, that’s right, investing in remodeling or renovations doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll get the money back. It is only in rare cases where significant change will push the value of the property.

However, it’s not impossible. And if you focus on areas like the kitchen and bathrooms, there is a good chance you can recoup your expenses and more. But it has to be noted – these projects have to be very professional and increase the overall appeal of the house. Otherwise, it can put a dent in the property value.

So, if you want to move the property quickly and you have the money to take the risk, look at renovations that can bring in some new dimensions.

3. Increase The Curb Appeal

It’s important that you don’t just focus on the interior of the house. Given that potential buyers will first witness the exterior, it only makes sense to give it just as much attention.

Of course, you can choose to maintain it. You can mow the lawn and keep the leaves raked. But this will only leave buyers in a neutral state of mind before stepping into the house.

But if you go the extra mile and make the exterior visually appealing, you put them in a positive state of mind. Just because they already like the exterior, they are going to WANT to love the interior.

4. Set An Accurate Asking Price

When it comes to establishing an asking price, you have to be careful. Because a typical problem seems to be when homeowners add sentimental value, which potential buyers won’t understand or pay for.

Instead, they won’t even attempt to put in an offer because they don’t think you’ll consider negotiating. So, avoid making a big mistake and losing out on the first traffic you’ll be getting. After the first month or two, fewer people will show interest.

5. Market The Aqualane Shores Real Estate

If you want the offers to come in, you have to market your Aqualane Shores homes for sale. As mentioned earlier, you can put a few pictures online, but try to be strategic. Stick to reputable sites where private houses are sold and where you can put up all the necessary details.

6. Prepare For An Open House Showing

There is no getting around the fact that a potential buyer is going to want to see the house before buying it. That means you have three options for the open house showing.

– Furnished as is with you still living there
– Completely empty
– Partially furnished and strategically decorated

Out of all these options, the last one is the best choice. Basically, you want to keep a minimal amount of furniture in each room. At the same time, you remove personal items directly connected to your family or friends. This will create an even balance for the potential buyer to do with as they please.

Before moving on to the last tip, remember to find selling points in and around the house. For example, do you have high ceilings in certain rooms? Maybe there is something special about the window frames?

Find elements about your real estate in Aqualane Shores that will appeal to potential buyers. And sometimes, it can be these selling points that make or break the odds of getting an offer.

7. Negotiate And Close The Deal

The last part is all about closing the deal. Chances are potential buyers will come in as low as possible, and they will do anything to stay there. But if you used a professional to handle the estimation of the property, you should always stay close to your asking price, unless you are in a big hurry to get the property sold. If this is the case, then negotiating for a better price will be more challenging.

At no point should you feel pressured to take a deal, especially if you are losing money all the way?

Keep in mind that half the battle of selling the property is based on your efforts. And the only question is how badly do you want to sell your Aqualane Shores real estate at a profitable price?